Financial Education Program

Fasecolda, through Fundaseg, in 2008 started the implementation of a pilot phase of the Financial Education Program in which the contents and methodology of the Microfinance Opportunities’ Global Financial Education Program would be developed and tested. During this stage, educational activities were carried out with the participation of insurance company clients and experts in adult education; the results served as input for the development of the Program’s contents and methodology, which were later tested in workshops (See Educación Financiera).

Sustainability School

Fundaseg co-finances the activities being developed in Fasecolda’s Sustainability School. (See Climate risk management > Transition risks).

Besides these programs, Fundaseg continues to support people in need; in 2020, it allocated part of its funds for the prevention of COVID-19 and the mitigation of this disease at the Méderi Hospital in Bogotá (click on this link: Fundaseg apoya al Hospital Méderi) and joined with the Colombian Foundation of Food Banks (ABACO) so that people in vulnerable situations can get food, in the context of the national pandemic emergency. (Click on this link: Fundaseg se une a ABACO).