We defined the actions to be developed

Committed to development

We carried out a joint work among different stakeholders (people and entities linked to the insurance industry) to define the actions that are needed for the SDGs implementation. We gathered 465 actions, with them, 37 strategic axes were built, they are general premises on which the insurance industry will work to help meet the sustainable development targets from now to 2030.


The strategic axes definition for the sector was based on working groups and workshops with the insurance industry stakeholders, in which proposals for actions to be developed were gathered; these were then analyzed and grouped into 37 strategic axes for the three defined roles, as follows: 8 for the investor role, 16 for the insurer role and 13 for the employer role.

Strategic axes for the investor role

Actions proposed for this role are intended to generate sustainable dynamics in the country through the consolidation of responsible investment mechanisms. The aim is to support sustainable development, with an environment that favors responsible production and consumption, by promoting investment in environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable activities.

Three action categories were defined for this role: “Institutional investment”, “Knowledge transfer” and “Regulatory management”. Eight of the 37 strategic axes are developed in these categories.

Strategic axes for the insurer role

Actions proposed for the insurer role are focused on promoting sustainable development through risk management. Current environmental and social challenges inherently involve different risks; phenomena such as temperature increase and climate variability generate impacts on human properties and activities; in turn, the degradation of ecosystems brings new risks to social stability, threatening water and food sources. Actions proposed are focused on increasing resilience to general disasters and climate change, as well as on promoting sustainable consumption and production models, favoring financial inclusion, reducing hunger, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Two action categories have been defined for this role: “Risk management” and “Development of protection solutions”. In these categories, 16 of the 37 strategic axes are developed in order to promote the insurance of public and private entities in a vulnerable position due to environmental, social, or governance changes.

Strategic axes for the employer role

From the employer role, we strive to promote the consolidation of resilient companies by strengthening the management of human talent and promoting sustainable development.

Four action categories have been defined to this role: “Organization development, “Human resource management, “Sustainability management” and “Transparent institutions”. These categories develop 13 of the 37 strategic axes that seek to generate awareness in the management of good practices.

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For more information, the Sustainable Growth Strategy is available at the following link: https://revista.fasecolda.com/index.php/revfasecolda/article/view/623/585